Give Obama more time to succeed

To the Editor:

I am going to the dentist in the coming week. As a self-employed artist and educator, I have put it off. While I manage to pay for my own health insurance, I have no dental coverage. Luckily, my work has been productive and I can pull together the money. Perhaps you have been in the same position.

In the past month I have worked with not one but two students who have to decide between having a tooth pulled or having more expensive dental services to save that tooth. They are hard-working individuals with families who are a part of our community, and they are also trying to get an education.

The Democrats chose to take on health care reform when Barack Obama became president. They worked to try and solve the problem of these families who provide for themselves and others, but cannot manage to pay for the expense of medical coverage. Rather than ignore the problem as had been done for so long, Obama took on the issue, knowing that it may make things more difficult for Democrats in the next election. Democrats could have easily chosen to focus on other issues even though they knew many U.S. families struggle with obtaining medical care.

I speak to those who are unsure of their position, or who supported President Obama in 2008. Changes to help solve the complicated problems that we all face will take longer than the 19 months that Mr. Obama has been in office. In November support those candidates who support Mr. Obama so that he may continue to work to make these changes possible.

Frank Brannon Jr.


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