‘Fear No Art’ Exhibit

The Jackson County Arts Council in Sylva announces a new exhibit entitled "Fear No Art" by Isabella Jacovino, an artist and author of many dark-epic fantasy novels.

Using the grit, grime and socially provocative nature of “guerilla art” as a foundation and blending influences from Dadaism alongside digital elements of bricolage and mixed media techniques, the exhibit offers an exploration of “anti-art” where in concern for “traditional” aesthetics are not present. 

Evoking inspiration from the Dada movement, along with the anarchist modality of urban art, “Fear No Art” serves to offer a visual narrative on the “self-taught artist,” as well as the decimation of creative boundaries both external and self-imposed. Various digital techniques such as painting, layering, airbrushing, blending, styles and actions, all lend themselves to creating digital pieces of brute force, unique imagery and explosive coloring. 

Most pieces will be for sale during the exhibition and all pieces are prints done via a digital platform using a variety of mixed media, photography and collage applications. The exhibit is located at the Rotunda Gallery in the Jackson County Library at 310 Keener Street in Sylva. Admission is free. 


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