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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 16:20

Hillary does not deserve support of women

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To the Editor:

In the August 31 edition of The Smoky Mountain News, guest columnist Hannah McLeod asked “Where are all the women?” in reference to the presidential election. 

My answer is that thoughtful and smart women — those not voting gender or who wisely do not see the contest as man versus woman — are supporting a truthful proven leader and successful businessman who is not a seasoned politician. That candidate is Donald Trump, who campaigns to create jobs, revive an eight-year economic disaster, reform immigration policy, tighten security to keep us safe in a world rampant with terrorism, rebuild our military and return the USA to the position of respected and admired world leader. 

Trump loves Americans — all of us. This is not an election to reach a milestone, satisfy a quest for equalization or serve as a means to unite women. This election is one where we must elect a president who will restore our country’s economy, culture, safety and prosperity to expected levels. There is much more at stake other than a historic notch in our belts.

Women who think Hillary Clinton is a candidate worthy of the female vote should check out her record of lies concerning Whitewater and Travelgate. As secretary of state she mishandled requested protection for Americans in Benghazi where four Americans including our ambassador were killed.

Now her lies mount about all the official emails supposedly turned over to investigators only to find out thousands were destroyed. When accused of mishandling classified documents she professes that she did not know “C” on an email denoted it was confidential or classified. Are we to believe someone with over 30 years in government serving on numerous committees requiring confidential screenings cannot recognize a symbol for classified?

Hillary Clinton is no champion for women. Gender voters should know Clinton ran a war room when her husband first ran for president to crack down on bimbo eruptions from women Bill Clinton sexually harassed. Hillary Clinton denigrated, denounced, discredited, intimidated and targeted women who were known as Bill Clinton’s bimbos. Google women like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broderick. There’s a long list that includes Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern with whom President Bill Clinton committed acts in the Oval Office that led to his impeachment. 

Yes, a female presidential candidate is something women can and eventually will be proud of and support. But not this woman. She does not deserve the votes of women who are sincere supporters of trustworthiness and women’s rights. In the future we women will all be proud of a female president who deserves our respect, admiration and vote. That woman is not Hillary Clinton. 

Carol Adams


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