A little perspective is in order, please

To the Editor:

There are those who would have us fear going about our daily lives due to possible terrorist attack. Even including the recent rash of attacks at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando, the odds of dying in the U.S. due to terrorism is far less than many other risks we don’t give a second thought. 

Consider the following statistics, which reflect averages for the entire population.  Compared to terrorist attack you are more likely to die from:

• Poisoning, including drug overdose (4.400 times more likely).

• Traffic accident or obesity (4,000 times each).

• Medical mistake (at least 2,000 times.)

• Alcoholism (1,200 times).

• Crossing the street (600 times).

• Bee sting (8 times).

This is not to say we should ignore the risk. Far from it. But ginning up fear is counterproductive.

By behaving irrationally, we might very well alienate those who could be our strongest allies in stopping attacks. We provide propaganda value to ISIS beyond their wildest dreams by disrespecting Muslims and threatening to torture, carpet bomb and murder the families of ISIS members.  

Those who confuse bombast with strength and cheer wildly at these statements are only helping the cause of ISIS. How many more terrorists have been recruited with help of these thoughtless statements and reactions? 

The point of terrorism is to terrorize (duh). Many of our so-called leaders are doing their work for them. Let’s not allow ourselves to fall into that trap. We’re smarter than that … I hope.

Everett Baucom


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