Righteous people take care of their animals

To the Editor:

In the article “Sound off: Haywood candidates talk animal shelter” from March 2016, Mr. Rogers wonders if other options to deal with homeless animals in Haywood County have been explored. He also has knowledge of northern states and the fact that they do not struggle with the issue like we do. He is quoted as saying, “Evidently they are doing a better job than we are. Let’s find out how they are doing it.”

Many local and city governments of northern states successfully implement mandatory spay/neuter laws or ordinances. Although there are exceptions to these laws and the states, themselves, are not able to pass such laws, they seem to prevail with the evidence being that they recruit animals for adoption from areas like ours. Areas like ours include many people that have the very sad attitude that animals are just animals and are easily replaceable. Greg Burrell was quoted in the article saying that even though he loves his dog, “It’s just an animal; I can go get another one just like it tomorrow.”

Explored more closely, I am certain you will find this kind of attitude and the lack of willingness to spay/neuter pets are two major contributors to pet overpopulation in our area. I know that $3.5 million dollars may seem steep to spend on a new animal shelter, but when very little effort is put in to preventing the issue, I’d say it sounds fair and the animals most deserving of our consideration. A righteous man has regard for the life of his animals.

Kay Sutton-McCoy


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