Sheriffs misrepresented

To the Editor:

If you value honesty as an important trait for a Supreme Court justice, it should interest you to know that Justice Bob Edmunds — who is running for re-election on the June 7 primary ballot — has made false claims on his campaign website about his endorsements. He claims to have endorsements from sheriffs “all across the state,” including Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher and Jackson County Sheriff Chip Hall. 

In addition, an ad that ran in The Smoky Mountain News last week, paid for by local Republicans, listed Christopher and Hall as having made endorsements. Both Christopher and Hall have been contacted and they have no recall of making an endorsement. My speculation is that there are other false claims about endorsements on the candidate’s website since it appears that just about every sheriff in North Carolina is listed.

Wake County Superior Court Judge Mike Morgan is perhaps Edmunds’ strongest challenger. Judge Morgan pledges to “promote society’s well being through a fair and impartial administration of justice.” 

With 11 current years of trial bench experience as a Superior Court judge, combined with ten previous years of trial bench experience as a District Court judge and five prior years of experience conducting hearings as a State Administrative Law Judge, he is unusually seasoned and qualified to capably address the variety of legal matters which come before the Supreme Court.

For honesty in government, I urge you to cast your vote for Judge Mike Morgan.

Myrna Campbell

Hawyood County Democratic Party Chair


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