Public art and community involvement

When Wayne Trapp made his proposal to the WPAC last April, he suggested that rather then depict actual countries in the “Celebrating Folkmoot” work, members of the community contribute designs for the seven flags that would become part of his sculpture.

Following his suggestion, the WPAC held the “Create Your Own Country and Design a Flag” Contest. After reviewing the submissions, Trapp advised the WPAC that he had taken inspiration from all 16 submitted flag designs. He will choose various elements from each design, and those will be reflected on the 14 surfaces of the flag components in his sculpture.

Following are the names of the winners and the unique countries they created:

• Faye Holliday, “Tilian,” a country where the mild sky and open earth devour and save and are at once tamed husbandries of blue and gold.

• Ian Moore,” Pohiccoria,” the Native American word colonists adopted for the hickory tree. This reclaims the word and the land in a new Southern Appalachian country.

• Yvonne van der Meer-Lappas, “Country of Peace and Harmony,” the flower of life symbolizing the harmony in nature’s design.

• Ian Moore, “Columnation,” a country of air...that we might breathe above the formless ocean of the cosmos.

• Caden Painter, “Gyre,” a nation carved out of icy tundra using steam power. Gyre has made steam its greatest technology and resource.

• Caden Painter, “Banmier,” high in the Himalayas, known for metallurgy and famous for swords forged in a secret process.

• Sharon Otruk, “Elysium,” the universal pipe dream that there exists a place where people live trouble-free lives, like utopia or paradise.

• Pamela Perrotti, “Triland,” the combination of three countries into one; an improved and simplified democracy, very progressive on technology, industry and agriculture.

• Valerie Osborne, “Zapponia,” is all about positive, enthusiastic, creative fun. It’s “sole” commodity and reason for being is shoes. Created by two sisters who like lots of choices.

• Glenda Taylor, “Appalachia,” a land of green mountains where harmony exists as a way of life. One slows down and enjoys the beauty of nature in a land of simple ways.

• Becky B. Fain, “Pangea,” meaning “entire earth” in Latin, this is a country dedicated to equality, democracy and diversity where citizens prosper, crimes are nonexistent and everyone lives in harmony.

• Claudia Gard Baltzer, “ICI,” where they celebrate the spirit of love, joy, honor, respect and peace and are happily united through music.

• Micah McBride, “Shape Colors”

• Ian McBride, “Starville”

• Leah McBride, “Shape Country”

• Morgan McBride, “Checkerville”

To learn more about the Waynesville Public Art Commission and their projects, contact the Downtown Waynesville Association at 828.456.3517 or visit the Town of Waynesville Web site at and click on the public art tab.

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