Don’t leave dogs in hot cars

To the Editor:

It’s that time of year again when the cool mountain air can rise rapidly by noon. I would like to remind others that it is very dangerous to take your dog anywhere that you have to leave them in the hot vehicle, even for a few minutes. Visitors to the area are prone to this, especially at grocery stores and restaurants. I have witnessed time and time again pets barking in a vehicle only to find windows barely open parked in the sun. The temperature inside the car will kill your pet or cause brain damage in minutes! 

If you encounter this, please try to assist in any way possible. I will run inside to have the owner paged and have no problem getting the negative feedback from the thoughtless owner. Many businesses here are pet-friendly. If you must leave a pet in the car, at least find a shady spot, leave the windows down enough for their head to be outside the vehicle. The best scenario is to leave them at home or in the motel room.  

Mylan Sessions


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