Dog survives shot, Canton man charged

A Haywood County terrier is earning points for toughness after surviving a gunshot to the face. 

“The dog is alive and expected to recover,” said Heidi Warren, public information officer for the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department. 

The shooting resulted in the arrest of Lewin Burrell, 70, who is charged with felony cruelty to animals and misdemeanor going armed to the terror of the people. Burrell allegedly shot the dog in close proximity to a house on May 7. 

Burrell is out on $2,000 bond until his May 28 court date, and he maintains his innocence. 

“When it goes to court, it will all come out,” said Burrell, who lives in Canton. 

Burrell said the dog belongs to his tenant, whose lease does not allow dogs. He said the issue had been discussed before.

“They’re not supposed to have a dog up there at all,” Burrell said. “It’s in the contract, but they had that one and they got another one and a cat.”

Burrell’s only prior record with the Haywood County Sheriff’s office is a junkyard ordinance violation that occurred some 10 years ago. 

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