Deep Creek crossing wins photo contest

out photocompHiker Danny Bernstein of Asheville, author of The Mountains-to-Sea-Trail Across North Carolina, won third place in the “People on the Trail” category of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail photo competition for this shot of her hiking partner, Sharon McCarthy, while hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


The competition accepts photos taken by trail hikers of people, places, wildlife and landscapes along the trail. 

“I took the picture in October 2009 when I walked the first part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail for my plans to hike the whole trail,” Bernstein explained. “This was Day 1 of this project. We crossed Deep Creek to get on the Deep Creek Trail. I had already crossed the creek and had wet boots on. She always changes into Crocs to cross. She stays dry but I don’t know about negotiating the river and slippery rocks in Crocs.” 

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