Franklin hires planner, GIS specialist

By Sarah Kucharski • Staff writer

The Town of Franklin is taking steps toward implementing its recently adopted Principals of Growth, hiring both a town planner and GIS mapping specialist.


Town aldermen selected interim code enforcement officer Michael Grubermann to become town planner. Grubermann had been working part-time as a replacement for the town’s former planner who relocated earlier this year. Grubermann will focus primarily on planning and code enforcement.

In addition, aldermen chose to bring on Angela Moore as Grubermann’s assistant. Moore had applied for the town planner position. She will be working with GIS mapping that will be important when the town begins work on rewriting local zoning codes.

“She had skills that we really felt that the town needed,” said alderman Bob Scott.

Rezoning will most likely play into the town’s Principals of Growth — 10 concepts developed with local input that establish how the town and its residents will work to preserve their community while accommodating growth. The Principles are intended to guide the town’s future land use decisions.

The Principles address mixed land uses, compact building design, creating a range of housing opportunities and choices, creating walkable neighborhoods, fostering distinctive and attractive communities with a strong sense of place, preserving open space, directing development toward existing communities, providing a variety of transportation choices, making development decisions predictable, fair and cost-effective, and encouraging community and stakeholder collaboration.

Both the town planner and GIS mapping positions will be full time. Town manager Mike Decker said he expects both employees to come on board by the end of the month.

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