Women make decisions for themselves

To the Editor:

This is intended for all men: political office-holders, the religious of all faiths, and just plain “guys.” I speak for women. You know – us! The other half of the population.

We may differ in age, ethnicity, income level, religion or personally held values, but nevertheless we are sisters under the skin. We usually grow up guided by our mothers or other family females or caretakers. We learn to care for our shelters, we learn how to feed our future families, and we play with dolls and learn to care for our young — though we often dig in dirt and play with trucks too.

We go to school and learn we have minds. We learn reading, science and mathematics, but most of all, we learn to think. 

We learn skills to earn our way, so we not only bear our children, but help bear the expense of home and family – and often find we must do that job alone.

We strive to care for and stand beside the men in our lives, and often we share the too frequent need of bearing arms to “serve and protect” our country. 

So do note, as we accomplish all these tasks, we have hands that help and minds that capably assist our families and our communities. Indeed, we women benefit all of man- and woman-kind. 

We are well-qualified to make decisions. That said, we’d take it as a significant step forward if all men would acknowledge our contribution and our abilities and stop the hypocrisy. It’s high time to realize we are not here only to provide care, support, and creature comforts. We are an equal, well functioning, integral part of the human team.

Do not design legislation to limit or control women’s personal decisions, and we won’t legislate your work, where you hunt, fish, which ball team to support, or whether or not you can legally take your (insurance covered) “medicinal” little blue pills.

We women require the respect of men who should now realize we are fully capable of making our decisions, for our health, our welfare and most significantly, our own bodies! In fact, we insist on it! 

In the words of the old song: “I am woman. Hear me roar.”

Shirl Ches


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