Tests show well water safe near Francis Farm Landfill

Water supply sampling on six wells near the closed Francis Farm Landfill in Haywood County shows that all are safe for drinking and other purposes, according to a report issued by Bunnell-Lammons Engineering (BLE).

In August, Haywood County contracted with BLE to identify property owners and residents near the landfill who have or had water supply wells on their properties. Six property owners within 1,500 feet of the landfill were notified by letter and asked to allow the county to sample the water supply on their properties. On Aug. 16, the county conducted a public meeting to discuss the project and ask the property owners to sign an authorization form.

The water sampling, which was conducted on Aug. 24, tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The results showed that VOCs were not detected in any of the wells except for concentrations of bromodicloromethane and chloroform in two wells. However, the concentrations of chemicals in these two wells were not from the landfill, according to BLE.

Kenneth Rudo, state toxicologist with the N.C. Division of Public Health, also examined the test results and said the samples looked good.

“All of the wells are OK for all water uses,” Rudo stated.

County Manager Marty Stamey has notified the six property owners by letter and thanked them for their cooperation.

“The county sampled your well in a pro-active measure to ensure the safety of your well water,” Stamey stated in the letter. “We appreciate your patience and cooperation.”

Haywood County continues to maintain and monitor the Francis Farm Landfill, which closed in 1993.

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