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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 20:57

New Macon art exhibit

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A showcase of artwork from Justin Moe will be on display through the month of November at the Macon County Public Library in Franklin.

“This exhibit is a mix of older and recent pieces. Over the past couple of years my output has slowed a bit — at least in my eyes and head it has — and that has been bothersome at times for me,” Moe said. “I think sometimes every artist goes through lulls. Artists have to be OK with the fact that sometimes the visions come on like a gusher, and at other times they rest in an eddy waiting to be cultivated and brought in to fruition. The muse sometimes lets you know to ‘rest,’ so as not to become a creator who just repeats themselves over and over.”

For more information, visit artbyjustinmoe.weebly.com or www.facebook.com/artbyjustinmoe.

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