Very disturbing trends beset this country

To the Editor:

Here are some disturbing trends.

The top 20 percent of the wealthiest individuals own 93 percent of America’s private wealth.

The top 1 percent own 43 percent of the money.

The bottom 40 percent own less than 1 percent.

Over 42,400 American factories have either moved overseas or closed between 2001 and 2009.

Over 32 percent of our manufacturing jobs went overseas. Millions more were lost in mega mergers of companies.

Yet Former President Bush and Vice President Cheney along with the Republican Party leadership decided that it would be good to give the richest people a huge tax reduction which is supposed to end this year but the Republicans running for office want to extend it or make it permanent while the Democrats do not.

The most devastating economic recession in America’s history began with the Bush Republican administration which, along with the super rich/super smart people of Wall Street, now wants you to believe that their Republican Party will save America and bring back jobs?

Folks, this is not the America I fought for or believe in. It is time we check into Freedom Works, the Tea Party movement and Republican candidates to see how much money is being given to them by these super rich people who only represent 1 percent of the vote but control 43 percent of the money.

This election, ask yourself if you want to give the keys back to the Republican Party so they can drive the country into another economic ditch. This election should be about cleaning up the Republican Party so it does not worship on the altar of mega capitalism, which is destroying this country.

Your vote can change America and get your job back, but not if we put the Republicans back into control. It will take years to clean up the hypocrites and bring fresh new untainted candidates into the Republican Party. The Democrat Party should also begin house cleaning, but they did not create the mess we are in today — they just have to deal with it.

Larry Stenger


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