Jackson gives toward trail maintenance

The Pinnacle Park Foundation and Friends of Panthertown Valley got some help with trail maintenance this month, thanks to a pair of donations from the Jackson County Tourism Development Authority.

“The Tourism Development Authority recognizes the importance of contributing to the maintenance of these great natural resources that bring additional tourism to our area,” said Executive Director Nick Breedlove. “The more well-kept our area’s natural resources, the more residents and visitors to the county can enjoy these offerings.”

The organization gave each group $500 to support maintenance efforts.

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Reading Room

  • Books that help bridge the political divide
    Books that help bridge the political divide Time for spring-cleaning.  The basement apartment in which I live could use a deep cleaning: dusting, washing, vacuuming. It’s tidy enough — chaos and I were never friends — but stacks of papers need sorting, bookcases beg to see their occupants removed and the shelves…
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