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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:00

A voter’s guide to the 2014 WNC election

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A primer on how primaries work

What is a primary for?

Each party narrows down their slate of candidates to compete in the final November election. 

How many candidates make it past the primary?

However many seats are up for election in each race, that’s how many candidates advance per party. 

Does every race have a primary?

No. In some races, the party doesn’t need to narrow down its slate. There may only be one candidate from a party running for that particular seat, so they automatically advance. 

If I’m a Democrat, can I vote in the Republican primary? Or vice-versa?

No. You can only vote in your own party’s primary. 

What if I’m independent? Can I still vote in the primary?

Yes. When you show up at the polls on Election Day, you can pick which primary ballot you want — the Republican one or Democratic one — but you can’t vote in both.



•Voter registration deadline: Friday, April 11

•Early voting: Thursday, April 24, through Saturday, May 3.

•Primary Election Day: Tuesday, May 6. (Polls open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)

•Final Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 4




US Congress

Snap shot of US House race in WNC


North Carolina General Assembly

Click here for map of N.C. House seats

Click here for map of N.C. Senate seats

Legislative races, a primer: what seats are up, who’s running, and what district do I vote in? 

Find your district: interactive map

Democratic primary for NC Senate

Battle for state Senate seat begins to take shape

Parsing out a position in party primaries

A meet-and-greet with Democrat Jane Hipps

A meet-and-greet with Democrat Ron Robinson

Hipps and Robinson want to takeback North Carolina 

Republican primary for NC House 

Three Republicans jostle for chance to take on Joe Sam Queen 


District attorney

Open district attorney seat attracts its first takers: meet Jim Moore 

A new candidate joins district attorney race: meet Ashley Welch 


Haywood County

Snapshot of local races 

Haywood commissioner race: political dividing lines get muddy 

Haywood commissioner race: candidates talk spending and taxes 

Haywood commissioner race: meet the candidates 


• Haywood Republican (House District 119):

• Haywood Republican (House District 118):

• Haywood Democrat:

• Haywood Libertarian:

• Haywood non-partisan:


Jackson County

Snapshot of local races 

Jackson sherrif’s race: meet the candidates 

Jackson sheriff’s race: with Ashe’s exit, candidates get off to an early start 

Jackson sheriff’s race: a crowded field talks issues 


• Jackson Democrat:

• Jackson Republican:

• Jackson Libertarian:

• Jackson non-partisan:


Macon County

Snap shot of local races 

Macon commissioners: Fiscal philosophy pitts dueling Republicans in primary 

Macon commissioners: a meet-and-greet with Republican primary candidates 

Macon sheriff’s race: all sewed up in the primary 


• Macon Republican:

• Macon Democrat:

• Macon Libertarian:

• Macon non-partisan:


Swain County

Snapshot of local races 

Swain commissioners race: candidates weigh in on hot issues 

Swain sheriff race: Democratic primary for top lawman  

The same, the change and 'the machine'


• Swain Republican (Alarka):

• Swain Republican (Almond):

• Swain Republican (BC1):

• Swain Republican (BC2):

• Swain Republican (WHCH):

• Swain Democrat (Alarka):

• Swain Democrat (Almond):

• Swain Democrat (BC1):

• Swain Democrat (BC2):

• Swain Democrat (WHCH):

• Swain Libertarian (Alarka):

• Swain Libertarian (Almond):

• Swain Libertarian (BC1):

• Swain Libertarian (BC2):

• Swain Libertarian (WHCH):

• Swain non-partisan (Alarka):

• Swain non-partisan (Almond):

• Swain non-partisan (BC1):

• Swain non-partisan (BC2):

• Swain non-partisan (WHCH):

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