Tuckaseegee River selected as site of swiftwater rescue conference

out swiftwaterPaddlers and swiftwater rescue experts from across the country will gather Oct. 25-27 in Jackson County for the 2013 American Canoe Association Swiftwater Rescue Conference, much of it on the Tuckaseegee River.


The inaugural event will focus on a series of on-land and on-water safety and rescue educational sessions taught by legendary instructors Les Bechdel, Charlie Walbridge, Mike Mather, Jim Coffey and many others. Additionally, the conference will host a range of social functions, including a banquet on Saturday night.

Paddlers will be traveling from West Virginia, Idaho, and various other regions throughout the United States and Canada to attend the conference, according to the ACA. Local ACA-certified Instructor Trainer Educators Sam Fowlkes and Robin Pope will serve as co-chairs of the event.

Founded in 1880, The American Canoe Association is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides education related to all aspects of paddling. 


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