PCs for grads program thanks supporters

To the Editor:

A little over a year ago, the concept of annually awarding donated and refurbished PCs to Haywood Community College’s GED graduates started to evolve. A small group of dedicated faculty, staff and students overcame a tremendous amount of organizational work, limited resources, and no knowledge of where the inventory for refurbishing would come from — let alone what condition it would be in. As elements fell into place, the program got its first PC in June of 2012. To date, over two dozen individuals and one corporation have made hardware donations, either through our standard drop off point at the HCC library or at special on-campus events like Jammin’ at the Mill Pond and the recent WNC EcoFest.

To all who were even remotely involved with the first-ever PCs for GED computer awards give-away at HCC’s 2013 GED graduation ceremony, on Friday, May 3, I wish to offer our heartfelt gratitude. Please know that your meaningful contributions of hardware, time, talent, and even monetary donations to the program through the HCC Foundation have already enriched the lives of the 10 graduates who applied for and received a refurbished PC. It is hard to describe the vibe in the air while helping these accomplished graduates load their computers into their vehicles. Because of all of you in the greater Haywood County area who stepped up, you enabled us to meet 100 percent of the demand for these worthy graduates. You have done an amazing thing given that this is only the first year of the program.

Gratefully, our local media has recently picked up the story as the program has had the opportunity to complete what it set out to do — for this year. Now it is time to work toward sustaining the PCs for GED graduation award events in the years to come. Thankfully, many generous people in our surrounding area have contributed beyond expectation. With your continued support, we look forward to providing future GED graduates with one of the best tools to aid them as they further their education.

Marc Lehmann

On behalf of the PCs for GED Program

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